Tips for Staying Sane

Went shopping? Don't have time to put everything away? Find an out-of-the-way corner, neaten up the bags and boxes, and stack things orderly until you have time to unload later in the week.

Collect food magazines? Don't have space to store them all? Tear out the recipes that sound interesting or that you wish to try, put each in a plastic sheet protector and store them in a colorful, 3" binder broken up into sections logical for how you cook. When it's time for menu planning, take out your binder and get inspired to try a new recipe!

Papers getting out of control? Need motivation to stay organized in your home office? Try buying accessories such as paperclips, file folders, a tape dispenser, sticky notes, and pencil cup in your favorite color/s -- it will inspire you to keep things more orderly.

Borrow things from friends? Need to make store returns? Keep these things in a recyclable shopping bag, along with any receipts, on the front passenger seat of your car so it is handy when you drive by one of the locations where a return needs to take place. Plus, you'll see it and be reminded every time you get in the car.

Frequently finding expired items in your fridge or pantry? Throwing food out all the time? Have a black Sharpie® available nearby and write the word OPENED and the date on your jar, package, or container. Do this particularly for those items that aren't used frequently.

Too many Legos? Are they taking over your house? Buy a box of plastic shoe bins (@ The Container Store®) and sort your Legos by: color, shape, size, set, or whatever suits you. If you sort by set, label each container with the set's name and include the instruction booklet in the bin. Double up sets in each bin if they are small.