Girls’ Bedroom, Downstairs Den, Storage Room, Girl’s Closet, and Sewing Nook

“Nola has successfully helped us through several projects, both large and small, over the past few years. When I truly don’t know what to do or even where to get started, I look to Nola for out-of-the-box thinking, patience, and optimism.  It is tricky to invite someone into your home, your personal ‘disorganized’ space, and I can say with confidence that Nola has always made me feel good, supported and respected. Nola has not just helped us organize, she has helped us transform rooms and appreciate our home in a new way. We are so grateful for her help and will keep her front and center in our minds for future projects.” BN


Household Closets

“After living in our home for thirteen years, junk was beginning to pile up. Because these messes were unseen, I didn't have the motivation to clean and organize them. Nola gave me the motivation. She was a pleasure to work and be with. She is extremely organized and clever. She was firm when she needed to be, specifically in decision-making for throwing out/recycling items. Nola brought good judgment on what I should keep and knew many ways to get rid of my stuff without just throwing it in the garbage. Recycling, and therefore the environment, is very important to her. I learned the town dump is fun! I would hire Nola again in a minute. The problem is, she's so good, there is nothing left to organize in my home. Clearly I would recommend her skills to a friend.” LH


Playroom and Household Closets

“Nola was my savior when I needed to purge and reorganize many rooms in my house this year! I felt completely overwhelmed, and Nola came in and helped me prioritize and then tackle projects one by one. She found solutions to my problems and even helped me donate many of my purged items. She is professional, kind and very good at what she does. I like to say that I am ‘addicted’ to her service as I now think of more an more projects she can help me complete. I highly recommend Nola to anyone looking for organization help!” DM


Small Business Storage

“I brought Nola into my work space to help me get organized, and because of her gumption, time-management and focus, we got more done in the time than expected. After more than a year and half, her system is holding up and has been maintained (a small but significant victory for me!). Because of her work, I feel better able to reset when things start to get a little unruly, and I feel much less critical of my habits and myself. She not only helped me get organized, she also gave me perspective, confidence and practical, memorable tools for staying organized. I am dying to get her into my apartment next. I would recommend her to anyone, and definitely plan on hiring her again.” HR


Home Office, Attic, and Garage

“Nola has worked her magic on several projects in my home. She reconfigured my open basement office space, which also serves as a school work space for my son, and helped define those into separate areas that work efficiently for us both (no small feat). She also helped me organize a very jumbled garage as well as an overwhelmingly cluttered attic. I can’t express enough how much stress these spaces gave me - and thanks to Nola’s skills that stress has been alleviated. Nola is creative, generous, hard working, punctual and empathetic - and great fun to spend time with! I can’t wait to work with her on the next project. Don’t hesitate another moment to give her a call.” AS


Preteen Bedroom

“As a full time working mother, the task of giving my daughter’s room a much-needed makeover was one that I could not get a start on. With no time to select paint colors, shop for furniture, or even think about putting my daughter’s things away in an organized fashion, I was thrilled when Nola offered to take on the project and work with me on my limited budget. She brought creativity and enthusiasm to this project and keenly stayed within my parameters of 'cool shabby chic.' She shopped for me at tag sales and thrift shops, hardware stores and department stores to come up with a funky, fresh look. When she painted the room, she had all the materials a professional outfitter would use. For me, there was no clean up, no mess, and no fuss. When my daughter saw her room for the first time she was absolutely blown away! Nola had Project Organize(d) us! I wouldn't hesitate hiring Nola again to reorganize many other areas in my home. She is delightful to work with and has a caring, approachable manner that inspires trust.”  CD


Arts & Crafts Room

“Working with Nola to transform my ‘junk’ room into a usable and inspirational art space for my children was a true pleasure. Her diligence, creative ideas, and can-do attitude helped us remove all unnecessary items and to uncover (and ultimately recover) an entire room that hadn’t been used purposefully in a long time. Now my children have a lovely and happy art space to call their own, complete with places to hang their artwork, a long desk on which to create multiple masterpieces, bins to hold assorted art supplies for easy access, and even a chalkboard-painted door for temporary artwork on a whim. I was overwhelmed on where to begin, and Nola, with her unique vision and ability to adapt to my personal style, provided the professional help that I needed. Her taste was an added bonus that made the project come together smoothly.”  SN

Home Office 1

“Since moving into our home five years ago, the office remained a room in limbo – never quite finished. While I used it a few times a week to work from home, I did not enjoy spending time there as its clutter and haphazard organization bothered me. I had always dreamed of having a home office that was a pleasant place to work and think, yet I didn’t have the time, the will, or the budget to start a new decorating or organizational project. Nola gave me the perfect solution. She could do the reorganizing and redecorating, all on a small budget. She did all the groundwork for me, exploring low cost alternatives for functional solutions (such as having hanging panels instead of built-in doors). A few small changes like new blinds and a plant made so much difference. But the biggest changes she made did not involve new acquisitions: she saw the room with a fresh pair of eyes. She began by moving the furniture around, hiding the computer cords, installing a wall art system, all of which made the room more functional and aesthetically pleasing. Nola brings a fresh perspective, a love of organization and aesthetics, a drive and awareness for what is the most functional solution, the love of hunting for a bargain and the desire to have you love your new space!”  CSH


Home Office 2

“Our home office had become an unlivable and unworkable room.  Too many years of books, papers, and bills had left the room a complete mess. Nola figured out how to get through the mess, sort, prioritize, and organize every aspect of the room. Not only did she simply clear out the clutter (old books, drawers full of office supplies), but she helped us institute an organizational system for the future to keep the room functional. The office used to be a room I avoided because it was so messy, now I love sitting at the desk for both work and pleasure.”  NH


Kitchen Cabinets Plus Linen and Shoe Closets

“Nola’s excitement about organizing a closet, room, or even a drawer, is inspiring. We worked on several projects together that not only gave me some wonderfully organized and functional new spaces, but an understanding of Nola’s talent. She takes each task, whether big (kitchen) or small (closet) and approaches it with careful thought and options and even made it fun. Nola reorganized my kitchen and dining room with attention to each drawer and its contents, now it makes sense and looks good too! She also organized my most challenging closet, which contains not only my linens but is also storage for our family’s health and beauty products. Now, each health/beauty category has its own container and I can find anything when I need it. My closet was our last project. I love clothes and shoes and bags and...well, it’s organized now, all of it. Nola brought so many organizational tools with her that if one didn’t work, she had something that would.  She looks, listens, and then makes your world a neater place, literally and figuratively.”  DG


Living Room Color Consultation

“Nola worked with us on a color consultation for our entire downstairs living area. Nola is incredibly diligent and has an eye for color. Initially, our downstairs was painted a very basic color three years ago. We desperately needed to paint our house and I mentioned to Nola that I was in need of assistance in choosing colors and she stepped right in. She came over and looked at all the details in our home, such as the furniture, fireplace, color of our hardwood floors, paintings, TV console center, etc. She had a number of great ideas and picked up numerous samples for us to choose from. Within a day, we had sample colors all over the walls. Nola was receptive to our ideas and was not the slightest bit overbearing as sometimes decorators can be. She was incredibly honest and clearly has an eye for color and bringing out the best in a room through the use of paint.”  DP &TM