Photo: Alison Sheehy

When I was young, my parents thought I'd grow up to be a banker. The reason? Because I spent a lot of time sorting the coins in my father's desk and then carefully placing them into sleeves to be brought to the bank. They mistakenly thought it was about money; it turns out that it was about a passion for order and organization.

My love of all things orderly has turned into a business. I launched Project Organize to help those who need my skills to turn their drawers, rooms, and homes into havens of well-organized and efficient spaces.

The name Project Organize is inspired by the fashion designers of Project Runway, who, on limited budgets and scarce time, are able to turn ordinary fabrics into wearable works of art. It is a remarkable feat week after week. I apply the same creative spirit and practical design sense to address my clients' needs.

In my former professional life, I was the director of publications for two NYC-area private schools, handling all aspects of writing, editing, and producing alumni/ae magazines and associated materials for their respective development and alumnae/i departments. Each position required many skills, but above all, an ability to envision a final printed piece and a capacity to organize each complex project in order to achieve it -- all while staying on schedule and within budget.