What I Will Do

I will organize: tools and hardware * junk drawers * sock drawers * shoes * jewelry * sports equipment * medicine cabinets * pantries * matchbox cars * Legos * kids' artwork * toys * files * office supplies * books and magazines * basements and garages * gadgets and gear * cookbooks * recipes * kids' clothing * specialty items * art supplies * papers


Wait, There's More

I will also: bring items to Goodwill or donation centers * go to the post office * bring books to the library for donation * go to the hardware store * obtain paint samples and supplies * color consult * contact consignment shops and furniture dealers * obtain moving boxes * help recycle materials * recipe organization and menu planning * small event help and advice


Project Organize, a registered and insured professional organizing business located in Westchester County, is committed to helping you and your personal spaces become the mess-free places they deserve to be. I use a unique, creative, and cost-effective approach designed to maximize efficiency and minimize stress.

Cheeky closets? No problem. Disgruntled drawers? Fine with me. Pesky items that hang out with the wrong crowd? I'll get them in shape. Whole room that gives you the shudders? No big deal. Basement that you’d rather not acknowledge? Okay. Project Organize welcomes even the most challenging organizing situations as well as the simplest of projects that you just can't seem to make happen. 

Project Organize provides the highest quality service -- from thoughtful planning, finely-tuned research, and a willing-to-do-whatever-it-takes attitude -- so that clients are left with no mess, no stress, and a lovely new space.


Here's what clients are saying: 

"Nola has worked her magic on several projects in my home. She is creative, generous, hard-working, punctual, and empathetic -- and great fun to be with!"

"Because of Nola's work, I feel better able to reset when things start to get a little unruly, and I feel much less critical of my habits and myself."

"It is tricky to invite someone into your house, and I can say with confidence that Nola has always made me feel good, supported, and respected."

"I felt completely overwhelmed, and Nola came in and  helped me prioritze and then tackle my projects one by one."

"Nola's diligence, creative ideas, and can-do attitude helped us uncover (and ultimately recover) an entire room that hadn’t been used purposefully in a long time."

 "She brings a fresh perspective, a love of organization and aesthetics, a drive and awareness for what is the most functional solution, the love of hunting for a bargain, and the desire to have you love your new space!"

"Nola looks, listens, and then makes your world a neater place, literally and figuratively.”